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Happy Birthday, 4chan!

4chan.org is seven years old today. In honor of this, I’m putting a paper/presentation I did at the Graphic Engagement conference online. I will probably notice problems with it the second it is posted.

I was encouraged to share it by a lot of the people at that conference, and 20 minutes of talking and Power Point slides only allows for so much. So, this is the more complete .pdf version.

Another reason, I suppose, is because of a comment on a BleedingCool article (hello again, Rich), which devalued what is a really strong and interesting community.

…Out of pure evil, there is always the rare, occasional result that is of a positive benefit to all. Or, to put it another way, even a blind squirrel finds a nut now and then.

The community there is far more rich and complicated than that.

This is a bit of a weak post, so just read the paper instead.

Anyway: /Co/operation and /Co/munity in /Co/mics: 4chan’s Hypercrisis and Anonymous Authenticity


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