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Microblogging Link Dump: 09-13-10

Stupid California Police Warn Parents of Pedobear, the ‘Pedophile Mascot’ (Updated)

I like that this article mentions discussion of Pedobear as social commentary against the sexualization of children, of which the media is very guilty, but as a society we have no problem with. This would be an interesting thing to study in regards to 4chan, in terms of systems of morality that are present in the community.

12 volume set of books reprints Wikipedia’s edits of the Iraq War entry

I saw a very interesting presentation related to this by Georgia Tech’s Andy Famiglietti and how war can extend into the realm of Wikipedia, as politics and ideology factored heavily into the world of factual accuracy and neutrality.

You can watch it here:


Andrew Famiglietti (USA) Negotiating the Neutral Point of View: Politics and the Moral Economy of Wikipedia from network cultures on Vimeo.

Die Antwoord $O$ album cover revealed

I love that Boing Boing, and particularly Xeni Jardin has gone through the effort from saving Die Antwoord from being an Internet joke that was mostly spread through sources like G4’s Attack of the Show. They forced people to pay attention to local South African politics and youth culture, as well as consider the role of the Internet in post-colonial and international culture with a practical application. Not to mention questions of authenticity and sincerity, as their music is full of next-level beats.